• Does your artwork last?
    It is important for your work to last for generations.  Let me tell you about my process to preserve the work that I do:
    First, my work goes on acid-free, gallery quality canvases. Because I use everyday magazine clippings to create my collages, I use something called polymer emulsion which is a clear acrylic paint that goes on the back of the magazine paper, as well as the front of the work , which acts as a way to embalm the magazine from any oxidation that takes place that would potentially corrode the paper. 
    This process, allows the paper to resist any damage from humidity or climate problems. 
    When I am finished with a particular art piece and the glue dries,  I go over the artwork with a glaze of UV protective gloss that is applied on top of the acrylic paint that helps to reflect potentially harmful sunrays away from the picture.  As with anything valuable- constant direct sunlight can be harmful for long periods of time.  I have been making collages for over ten years, and because I have been using this UV gloss, my work is unharmed by sunlight.  I will just say, though these collages can be in the sun- it is best to try not hang them where they are taking full sunlight 365 days of the year.  Just like anything of value, you want to respect the fragility of a fine piece of artwork and avoid extremes of any sort when you take them in your home.
  • What types of materials are used for your collage artwork?
    I adhere magazines with an acrylic polymer emulsion onto an acid free gallery quality canvas.
  • What canvas sizes do you offer?
    My work lends itself to be shown in a large format. I encourage my patrons to commission work that will allow me the best ability to use my medium to express the depth of each subject. Each portrait contains hundreds of tiny squares within its parameters. The proper viewing distance is necessary to encapsulate the work that is shown and to appreciate the collage as a single fluid work of art. The starting size of my work begins at 18" x 24". On average, most of my works are several feet in height and width. Custom sizes are available.
  • How much does a portrait cost?
    The price is determined by the complexity of the photograph (for example, a portrait of 2 dogs in one collage) and the desired size of canvas. The price can be quoted via email or phone. I do accept all major credit cards through a secured Pay Pal email.
  • Can your artwork be shipped?
    Although I prefer to hand deliver whenever possible (California Bay Area), a safe and secure form of shipment can be arranged at an additional cost.