Frequently Asked Questions | My Dog Collage

Q. Does your artwork last?
Yes. Let me tell you about my process to preserve the work that I do:
First, my art goes on acid-free, gallery quality canvases. Because I use everyday magazine clippings to create my collages, I use something called polymer emulsion which is a clear acrylic glue that seals the collage paper onto the canvas. This process, allows the paper to resist any damage from humidity or climate problems.  
When finished, I go over the artwork with a glaze of UV protective gloss that is applied on top. This helps to reflect potentially harmful sun-rays away from the picture.  As with anything valuable- constant direct sunlight can be harmful for long periods of time. It is best to not hang them where they are taking full sunlight 365 days of the year.  Just like anything of value, you want to respect the fragility of a fine piece of artwork and avoid extremes of any sort when you take them in your home.
Q. What types of materials are used for your collage artwork?
I adhere magazines and paper with an acrylic polymer emulsion onto an acid free gallery quality canvas.
Q. What canvas sizes do you offer?
The starting size of my work begins at 18" x 24" and goes up from there. Custom sizes are available.

Q. How much does a portrait cost?
The price is determined by the complexity of the photograph (for example, a portrait of 2 dogs in one collage) and the desired size of canvas. Fill out a price quote request here. I accept all major credit cards through Pay Pal.
Payment Options:

Two Payments (save 10%)
Allows for a quicker turnaround
time of 3-6 months.

Monthly Payment Plan
(12 payments)
Artwork delivered after all
payments are made.